Monday, November 14, 2016

All That Glitters Ebook

Authors: Loren K. Jones
Formats: EPUB
Ids: 9781606193488
Tags: adventure, Dragons, fantasy, traders

Stavin Kel'Aniston is a man in a boy's body. But he is more than he seems. Stavin climbs a mountain in search of treasure, and encounters a dragon. He'd left home a spiteful boy, but returns a confident man.
Now Dragon Blessed, Stavin is finally allowed to join the yearly expedition as a caravan guard.
In the Kingdom of Evandia, Stavin is brought to the attention of King Kalin and Princess Marina. They are keenly interested in anything to do with dragons, and name Stavin a Friend of Evandia.
Now called Friend Stavin, he heads out into Evandia guarding a trade caravan and embraces his new status. But even the gift of a dragon comes at a price.
Thieves, brigands, and ne'er-do-wells of every kind are attracted to Stavin. As the summer passes, Stavin fights for his life and the honor of his name, and in doing so fulfills his destiny.

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