Friday, November 11, 2016

Rise Of A Legend Ebook

Authors: Amy Jarecki
Formats: EPUB
Series: I of Guardian of Scotland
Tags: Ancient World, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Scottish, Time Travel

Running away from her catastrophic life, historical journalist Eva MacKay joins an archaeological dig at the battleground of Loudoun Hill. Unearthing the seal of William Wallace, Eva gains notoriety. But her dreams of Bowie knives—the weapon that murdered her husband—morph into great swords and dirks.

Drawn to a ruined monastery, Eva drifts into the worst nightmare of all. Awaking to the sharp point of a madman’s sword, she’s hurled into the midst of a bloody thirteenth century battle. Just when certain death is eminent, brutal arms surround the lass, dragging her deeper into unknown terror.

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