Monday, November 14, 2016

The Flames Of Time Ebook

Authors: Peter Knyte
Formats: EPUB
Tags: Vintage Action Adventure

Africa keeps its secrets well,
and its ancient secrets best of all.

Untouched by the crash of '29, Kenya is the glamourous and exotic retreat for many seeking to escape the privations of the western world.

When a group of friends get drawn into a strange shamanic ritual that reveals tentative clues to the existence of an ages-old secret, a secret which threatens to re-write the history of the known world as well as the future destiny of mankind, they find themselves on a path they cannot help but follow.

To re-discover this long-buried truth, they must search some of the world's most ancient sites and seek clues contained within some of the oldest writings known to man.

But there are those for whom keeping such secrets buried is not only a responsibility, but also a solemn duty, powerful individuals who will apparently stop at nothing to protect the world as we know it from such secrets being found.

A true vintage-style adventure story, which combines the glamour and style of the 1930s, with the mystery, mysticism and exoticism of pre-historic Africa, the epic legends of the near east and the ancient civilisations of the Mediterranean.

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